5 years later

Almost 5 years have passed since my last post on De l’origine du monde/手酌, the blog I used to write in Japanese and French about  life as a student-then-post-doc in Tokyo.

5 pretty life-changing years to say the least. Married, 3 children (a boy and twin girls), and a relocation to Cambridge, Massachusetts, where I work as a researcher in the Speech & Audio Team of Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs (MERL).

Many times I’ve wanted to share again some random thoughts, and the sad truth about why it took me so long to just do it is that I was kind of hoping to salvage my old blog, export it into WordPress and take it from there. It turned out to be too much pain, and after several precious nights wasted here and there over a period of two years trying to make things work, I finally decided that the right thing was to start afresh.

So here I am, all WordPressed and excited, ready to get the LaTeX plugin cracking or to tell you about my latest snow shovelling adventures (aka The joys of home ownership in New England).

I may or may not write some entries in French and/or Japanese, but for the time being I plan to use English as the main language. Larger audience, less work, I like that.

Ah, the blog title. I could spend another couple months trying to find a clever title, but I’m tired of postponing, so I went for now with “Chokotto” (ちょこっと), Japanese for “a little bit”. I plan to talk a little bit about this and that, plus, well, it sounds cute.

Alright, now the big question is: how long until the next post?

3 Replies to “5 years later”

  1. Funny, Chokotto sounds like “Chiquito”, meaning “little” in Spanish. Long live the blog, from a fellow blogger.

  2. Magnifique ! J’avoue, j’ai rien compris aux graphiques du 2ème post, mais te lire reste un plaisir… La nulle en langues et la flemmarde en moi admirent à la fois la fluidité de ton anglais et l’opiniâtreté de la démarche : bref, bravo !

    1. Merci! J’ai ajoute des commentaires aux graphiques, c’est vrai que c’etait pas tres comprehensible… Si je m’ecoutais je ferais des graphes similaires pour Paris et Tokyo, je calculerais des moyennes, etc, mais le post serait alors publie au milieu de l’ete, donc ma nouvelle politique est de ne pas (trop) m’ecouter 🙂

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