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What you'll find on this page: some pieces of software that I modified for my personal use, and that other people may find useful.

Disclaimer: I know next to nothing about VBA, so the modifications below are basically hacks.

IguanaTex for PowerPoint

After being an enthusiastic user of TexPoint for almost 10 years, I recently had to find an alternative. (The long story: I moved to a new desktop, but I wasn't able to register the software using the license that I had purchased due to a limitation in the number of machines that can be registered, and the impossibility to un-register my old machine. TexPoint's authors seem to have abandoned their software, and did not respond to the many emails I sent them, including emails explaining how to fix their software to make it work on Windows 8 -- check this post if you are interested in that).

I found IguanaTex, written by Zvika Ben-Haim, to be simple and efficient, and it's free. However, it lacked several important features of TexPoint. In particular, modifying a LaTeX display would result in losing all formatting modifications applied to it (resize, rotation, shadow, etc). It was also impossible to edit a display that was in a group. I went on and modified the source code accordingly. I made many other modifications (see the changelog), and Zvika offered to make my version the new mainstream IguanaTex.

For more details, please check the main IguanaTex page, the download page, or the FAQ page.


We use dokuwiki as a wiki engine and often find ourselves wanting to copy an Excel table and paste it into our wiki, using wiki format.

Luckily, there exists a macro here which formats selected excel regions into dokuwiki format and copies them to the clipboard.

To make it work, you will need to

To use it, select the cells you want to copy to the wiki and hit your wikify button.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to use the original wikify.xlam above on a Windows 8 laptop with Excel 2010 32-bit. The copy to clipboard using a DataObject did not work, probably as documented in this forum. The fix was to use Windows API instead to copy to clipboard, as suggested in the forum above, and as explained on this page. The new xlam file is wikify_fix.xlam.

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